The Wolf of Wall Street

Despite being an R-rated and highly adult-themed, this is probably one of my favorite movies OF ALL TIME.

This Martin Scorsese movie was adapted from the original book “The Wolf of Wall Street” which is believe it or not, based on a true story written by the main character himself, Jordan Belfort.


The story revolves around how Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, a former stockbroker, became a multimillionaire from his aggressive style of sales pitching.


This guy had EVERYTHING. A Ferrari, a yacht, a fancy estate, the perfect wife, you name it! Belfort had the cash to get anything he wanted: drugs, prostitutes, and even people.


Jordan Belfort started out as a stockbroker from Wall Street who later lost his job as a result of Black Monday and later took a job at a boiler room brokerage firm where he made a small fortune out of penny stocks.

Belfort later met his future vice president in a diner, where he quit his job in order to become a stockbroker after learning how much Belfort earns within a month. The two later founded “Stratton Oakmont” along with a few of his friends who sold weed. Their company grew larger and larger as they continued to sell penny stocks towards the rich earning millions in a week.

Belfort later met Naomi Lapaglia played by Margot Robbie, whom he became instantly infatuated with. He divorced his current wife, Teresa Petrillo after she found out about their affair and moved Naomi in his apartment whom he later had a daughter with named Skylar.


Jordan Belfort’s name soon gained the FBI’s interest after earning $22 million in three hours. Belfort decided to hide his cash in a Swiss bank account wherein it’s outside the reach of the American Authorities under Naomi’s aunt’s name.

Jordan’s father feared his son’s arrest and advised him to leave Stratton Oakmont while his lawyer finds a way to keep him out of prison, unfortunately Belfort refused to leave his company.


Everything went downhill from there. Naomi’s aunt died, and Belfort forced the captain of his yacht to sail through a storm towards Monaco and drive towards Switzerland in order to settle his bank account. Belfort’s back-up plan also failed after a seagull flew inside the engine of the plane that was supposed to take them to Geneva. $20 million stuck inside a dead person’s bank account. It was Belfort’s sign from God to sober up.



Jordan was arrested and agreed to gather more evidence from his co-workers like wearing a wire to work but the FBI soon discovered him trying to warn his colleagues about the wire. Naomi divorced Belfort and took custody of their children. The FBI raided Stratton Oakmont, and he served a minimum of three years in prison. After his release, Belfort changed his ways and became a motivational speaker and speaks in seminars including sales technique.

“Successful people are 100% convinced that they are masters of their own destiny , they’re not creatures of circumstance, they create circumstance, if the circumstances around them suck they change them.”
― Jordan Belfort



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