Paraiso Verde Resort & Water Park

Welcome to the first ever World Class Resort located in our very own Koronadal City~!

Koronadaleños always know the struggle when it comes to going to the beach; and the main problem is: the nearest beach is 70 kilometers away! Worry not!

Paraiso Verde Resort & Water Park is the largest ever wavepool in Mindanao, and is set right here in Koronadal City!

The Water Park focuses on it’s main attraction: Moby.


This pool boasts it’s ability to produce 10-ft. waves, although the pool only reaches up to 4-ft. Moby can also perform the Diamond Spin, which imitates the whirpool-like experience at sea.



Paraiso Verde also includes several  other attractions including:

1. Wiggles Kiddie Pool



Which includes the Water Bucket and Slides. Wiggles is perfect for all those little kids. Good luck trying to pull them out of the pool once you’re ready to go home.


2. Adventura River Rapids


A Fast River-Like Pool  will go you an adrenaline-filled experience within a 185-meter river loop.


3. Freestyle Pool


A Lap Pool for those Micheal Phelps wannabes, and THANK GOD for the roofing so you don’t have to use all those papaya soaps after swimming laps. This pool measures 12.5 x 25 meters.

Entrance Fees for those who wish to enjoy this water park haven is set at P250 for the General Admission while P180 is charged for children within the height of 2-4ft, and children below 2-ft. can enter for FREE.

The regular cabana rent is set at P600, while an air-conditioned cabana is for P1200. If you prefer tents, you can rent them for P200-400.

For inquiries or reservations, you can call (083) 228 1988.


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